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Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls and Natural Stone

     Our patios, walkways, and retaining walls are created using Unilock paver materials. Unilock backs their materials with a life time guarantee which ensures you the very best product on the market. Unilock provides a variety of styles ranging from a structured uniform look to a tumbled rustic setting.

     For those of you who have a more natural setting at your home, our natural stone creations may make your landscape complete. Whether it be a flagstone patio or a large boulder wall, a wide variety of colors and textures are available to accommodate your desires.

     Ponds and Waterfalls add a certain calming effect to any landscape. With the right combination of plants, stone, and size, a water feature can be incorporated into your landscape.

     Depending on the landscape design you are trying to achieve, you can choose from various materials to fulfill your landscape ideas. Whether it be a formal water feature or a natural looking pond, with the right techniques and materials, we can provide you with your dream landscape.

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